Saturday, July 31, 2010

Coming Soon!

Chasing The Stars: A Night Photography Tutorial

Part I - Introduction & Tools
Introduction - My Philosphy
Single Exposures vs. Stacked - When, Why?
Tools - Cameras, Lenses, Gear, & Applications

Part II - Trip Planning & The Night
Trip Planning - What, Where, When, & How Long?
Composition - Polaris, Stars, & Foreground
Test Shots - Default Settings (custom settings)
ISO & Aperture Considerations
The Shot - What to do?

Part III - Post Processing
RAW Processing - ACR/Lightroom/Aperture/etc.
Startails - Stacking & Foreground Replacement
Viveza 2 - General Ideas for Night Photography
Dfine 2.0 - General Ideas for Night Photography

Please let me know if there are any specific aspects of night photography that you'd like to hear about that I may have missed here!



Sufian said...

Awesome. I have been itching to ask you about your star trail shots. But now I will wait for your tutorial.


Reid said...

I have started working on it! ;-)